Hi there!

I’m Carolyn. I’m wife to an incredible doctor-husband and mama to a tireless toddler + a new baby of ample proportions.

I’ve many dreams and goals and great ideas, but I am most content on what’s become a normal day for me: waking up in time to greet the sun shining over the ribbon of ocean in the distance and kiss my husband off to work, cooking the oft-requested breakfast of porridge or eggs, and spending my hours in the middle of wooden puzzle pieces, dinner prep, broken crayons, lullabies and baby cries, and stacks of predictable books.

I’ve always loved writing, but after birthing my first child, I struggled often with re-finding that passion and inspiration as I questioned my identity and credibility and what I had to write about. I had always said that I never wanted to be that mom-blogger who forgot to be her own person and only went on and on about her children and homemaking. Now I revel in motherhood and am  learning to not be afraid to share that, and while I maintain still that life is so much more than me and my bubble, I’m also learning to embrace and celebrate the life I’ve been called to and all the little details of joy and grace that it holds.

I’m ready to write again, and I’m grateful to have this little place to share bits of my story.